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Red Magic Moment

Red Magic Moment

Hublot has introduced what is described as the first “vibrantly-colored ceramic” to enter the watch industry. There’s zero doubt to that claim — the new model is bright red and impossible to miss. The ceramic that was developed by Hublot’s R&D team took four years to bring from concept to completion. The color is reached… Continue reading Red Magic Moment

Undoubtedly DB25 Starry Varius

With the Starry Varius, the astronomical motifs that De Bethune has become known for over the past decade-plus are suddenly customizable with the option of choosing how the night sky looked from any date and geographic location ever. Say you want to memorialize the night you proposed to your significant other in Paris? No problem. How about… Continue reading Undoubtedly DB25 Starry Varius

Dual Time Resonance Crystal Case

The initial Dual Time Resonance offering was a limited edition of eight pieces in grade 5 titanium. It was quickly joined by two more series of eight watches in rose gold and white gold. The new construction, offered in a transparent sapphire crystal case, provides an entirely different feel for the model. Where the titanium… Continue reading Dual Time Resonance Crystal Case

Re-issue of the Aerospace GMT

Today, we’re happy to announce that Zodiac is continuing to expand its neo-vintage line-up in 2019 with a re-issue of the brand’s fan-favorite Aerospace GMT model in two separate limited-edition runs. Using the recognizable design of the Super Sea-Wolf as its base, the Aerospace GMT comes in two different color options. The black and gray model refers… Continue reading Re-issue of the Aerospace GMT

Expertise in making watch cases

The watch melds two of Hublot’s most noteworthy developments of recent times — its new “Integral” case construction with an integrated bracelet, which debuted in last January’s Big Bang Integral chronograph models, and its recently launched automatic tourbillon movement, Caliber HUB6035, which took its opening bow in a trio of Big Bang models last year, including a showcase… Continue reading Expertise in making watch cases

Industry renowned dial workshop

The Vingt-8 is likely the most well known Voutilainen timepiece and has been a part of the watchmaker’s catalog since 2011. When it was introduced eight years ago, it was the first Voutilainen watch to be fully designed, developed and produced in-house. For the 28ti, rather than feature a dial produced at Comblémine, Voutilainen’s industry-renowned dial… Continue reading Industry renowned dial workshop

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