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Dual Time Resonance Crystal Case

Dual Time Resonance Crystal Case

Dual Time Resonance Crystal Case

June 25, 2021

The initial Dual Time Resonance offering was a limited edition of eight pieces in grade 5 titanium. It was quickly joined by two more series of eight watches in rose gold and white gold. The new construction, offered in a transparent sapphire crystal case, provides an entirely different feel for the model. Where the titanium and rose gold versions felt like a potent indicator of Armin Strom’s ability, the sapphire model transforms the watch’s appearance into a display of kinetic energy and glamorizes the high-level of finishing that encompasses every angle of the watch. While the harmonious hum of the proprietary Resonance Clutch Spring has always been visible on the front of Armin Strom’s resonance experiments, the scratch-resistant sapphire case enables a complete 360° view of the timepiece’s interior build for the first time. 

“This new Sapphire case sets the perfect stage for the detailed work and passion we put into the Dual Time Resonance,” says Claude Greisler, co-founder of Armin Strom, in a release. “The total transparency does not allow for any mistakes and demands a finish on the highest level, which goes in line with our philosophy.”

The Dual Time Resonance is the first in a new collection for the brand billed as Masterpiece. The travel-time model has been given the requisite prefix of Masterpiece 1, of course, and Serge Michel — Greisler’s partner — recently told me that the new collection will revolve around combining multiple complications for a highly limited crowd of experienced collectors.

The two independent time indications, which feature guilloché completed by Comblémine (Kari Voutilainen’s workshop), are powered by two independent movements, which enable the watch to show two different time zones at the same time and are, of course, balanced courtesy of the brand’s patented coupling spring that allows the two dueling gear trains to remain in sync. The two dials are not alone on the oval-shaped case structure, in fact, they are joined by two conical power reserve indicators that are placed within each dial and a single 24-hour indicator set between the two complementary dials that displays the time for both indicators simultaneously via two small hands. The twin movements are billed as manually-wound manufacture caliber ARF17 (although there are two crowns used for setting the time, all winding action takes place courtesy of the right-facing crown which winds both gear trains simultaneously) with a 110-hour power reserve for each movement that comes from the four mainspring barrels — connected by a single ratchet wheel — visible on the backside of the watch.

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