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Michael W. Goldstein has been representing accident victims in all 5 boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland and Westchester counties, and upstate New York, since 1979.

Personal Service And Commitment To Clients

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, thorough and highly competent legal representation to all of our clients.

We Are Committed To Obtaining The Best Results For Our Clients

We aggressively investigate and relentlessly pursue your case in order to achieve the best results for you! Locating the most obvious defendant who caused an accident may be easy, but often, a more thorough investigation reveals additional parties who may share responsibility for an accident. We are not satisfied until we have uncovered all potential defendants.

Selecting The Venue For A Lawsuit Can Be Important

Many local attorneys prefer to commence their clients’ lawsuits in the county where their law office is located. Although that may be convenient for the attorney, we believe that the client’s best interests are paramount. Therefore, we select from the legally permissible counties, the venue which is most likely to result in the highest possible jury verdict. This is an important advantage for our clients.

Balancing Speed With Results

In addition to the pain and suffering our clients endure as a result of a serious injury, they and their loved ones often struggle with severe financial burdens as a result of being out of work and being confronted with mounting medical bills. Therefore, we appreciate the importance of aggressively and quickly protecting our clients’ legal rights.

Although we strive to achieve a prompt resolution of each client’s case, we strongly believe that each accident victim is entitled to receive fair and adequate compensation for his or her injury. Keeping these goals as paramount, we do not sacrifice a client’s legitimate entitlement to fair and just compensation, solely to obtain a quick settlement. Nevertheless, we respect each client’s right to make the decision as to whether a settlement offer is acceptable.

We Have First Hand Experience With Both Plaintiffs’ And Defendants’ Strategies

Although most of our personal injury practice is devoted to representing injured plaintiffs, we have also represented several insurance companies, as well as uninsured and under insured defendants, in the defense of accident cases. Accordingly, we have the advantage of first hand experience with both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ personal injury litigation strategies.

Types Of Accident Cases We Accept

The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein has successfully represented many clients who were injured in accidents. Our general areas of New York personal injury practice include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents (auto, bus, truck, train, motorcycle, bicycle, roller blade, pedestrian, etc.) including hit & run accidents, uninsured and under-insured motorist claims, etc.
  • Premises (trip & fall) accidents caused by defective conditions, improper maintenance, repair or cleaning, overcrowding, insufficient supervision, improper security, etc.
  • Construction site accidents (including falls from defective ladders or scaffolding; accidents involving defective hoists; accidents caused by dangerous construction site conditions, or other unsafe working conditions; violations of worker safety rules including OSHA; and other accidents occurring at construction sites)
  • Accidents caused by defective products

Legal Fees

Personal injury cases are handled on a one-third contingency fee. There is no fee charged to the client unless we recover money. Under New York State law, the client is responsible for the fees and expenses, which are paid at the conclusion of the case.

Case Management Software

Personal injury cases in our office are entered in our case management system. This system insures immediate access to all important information for each case, and assists in providing accurate and timely information to each client. Also, our case management system expedites the preparation of letters and documents, thereby assuring timely service and filing of important documents.

Time Limitations

There are strict time limitations that apply to New York lawsuits, including accidental injury lawsuits and New York personal injury litigation. The statute of limitations (time limit for commencing litigation) varies depending on the type of accident case, and in some instances, depending on the defendant being sued. Furthermore, many types of NY personal injury claims and lawsuits also have other time limitations (in addition to the statute of limitations), such as time limitations for filing a Notice of Claim, Notice of Intention to Make Claim, Application for No-Fault Benefits under the New York Personal Injury Protection law, and other important documents.

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The information in this website involving New York Accident cases and NY Personal Injury litigation, motor vehicle collisions, products liability, accidental injury, construction site injury, premises liability, wrongful death, accidental death, negligence or other New York legal information contained in this website, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor to create an attorney-client relationship or lawyer-client relationship with our New York Accident Lawyer. We recommend that you discuss your New York personal injury case with a New York Accident Lawyer, or NY Personal Injury Attorney promptly, since there are strict time limitations that apply to New York accident and negligence cases.

This website is not intended to solicit clients for accidental injury cases, personal injury litigation, accident law cases, or any other accident case or injury claim arising out of an accident that occurred outside of New York State. However, we do represent personal injury clients who live outside of New York, who were seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision, premises accident, or other accident that occurred in New York State.

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