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Our NYC Business Lawyer represents many businesses and individuals in reviewing, negotiating and drafting many types of New York contracts which arise in commercial transactions and business relationships. Some of the many types of contracts that our NYC Business Lawyer negotiates and drafts include contracts with customers, vendors and other suppliers, joint venture agreements, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, commercial leases, purchase or sale of commercial property, construction contracts, renovation contracts, and other business agreements, as well as the purchase or sale of a business.

Our NYC Business Lawyer Provides Quality Legal Services for New York Contracts and Commercial Transactions

We believe that our clients are best served through a practical and business-oriented application of our diverse skills. Our business law and accounting background enables us to quickly focus on legal and economic issues.

Our NYC Business Lawyer seeks to not only analyze and resolve legal issues, but also to assist each client in achieving enforceable legal relationships. At the core of our NYC Business Lawyer’s practice is the desire to assist our clients achieve their goals in their business transactions. We do this by understanding our client’s objectives, and then negotiating and drafting business contracts, and providing comprehensive legal representation for their business transactions, and commercial relationships.

Our NYC Business Lawyer Provides Personal Service to Our Clients

Our clients can expect the Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein to be responsive and genuinely interested in each client’s contract, business transaction or other business matter. Our NYC Business Lawyer communicates with our clients on a regular basis. Telephone calls, emails and text messages are answered promptly, and ample time is devoted to each client. We believe that our future is linked to the success of our clients. Our firm is committed to continually strive for excellence in both legal services and client relations.

The Importance of Clearly Drafted New York Contracts

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NY Contracts Lawyer Will Negotiate Your Contract to Protect Your Legal Rights

In the course of operating a business, and even in one’s personal life, we enter into many types of contracts and written agreements. Written agreements are especially important for businesses, since reliable sources of products, parts, equipment, labor and services are essential for a successful business. Michael W. Goldstein is an experienced contracts lawyer skilled in thorough and exacting contract negotiation and contract drafting.

If you sign any contract, even a “standard contract” or proposal without competent legal representation, you may be positioning yourself at a distinct disadvantage. If the other party’s attorney prepared the contract, that lawyer probably drafted the contract for the sole purpose of protecting his or her client’s interests. In that situation, it is vitally important that your attorney protect your interests as well.

Similarly, if the other party, or even both parties together, prepared the contract without a lawyer, it may be vague, and might not properly express the parties’ intentions at all. Also, while the parties’ self drafted agreement might appear to be fair, it may lack important legal provisions, thereby rendering the entire agreement void and unenforceable. Alternatively, even if it is a legally binding, enforceable and fair contract, it may nevertheless be silent on certain key issues, thereby inviting litigation in the event of a dispute.

Avoiding the Unfair Contract

The purpose of a contract should not be to trap one party or the other. A proposed agreement that is a trap for the unwary should not be signed. Instead, it should re-negotiated and revised or redrafted, to create a fair and workable relationship. The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein is proud of our NY Contracts and Commercial Litigation Lawyer’s thorough negotiation and meticulous drafting of many types of contracts.

The Contract Is the “Rule Book” for Governing Business Conduct

We believe that at the inception of a business relationship, the parties should negotiate and sign an agreement containing the terms that will function as the “rule book” for the conduct of their business. An excellent time to do this is when the parties to a transaction or business deal are working together to achieve mutually desirable goals. Expanding the scope of an agreement to cover issues that may only become relevant in the event of a disagreement or misunderstanding often prevents potential disputes from escalating into lawsuits.

When misunderstandings arise between parties to a commercial transaction, their contract is usually the first place they look to determine the parties’ rights and obligations, and to resolve disputes promptly. Therefore, the contract negotiation and drafting stage is the optimum opportunity to clarify the parties’ rights, responsibilities, duties, understandings and expectations.

Our NYC Business Lawyer Will Carefully Negotiate and Draft Your Contract

The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein negotiates and drafts contracts for various types of business transactions, commercial relationships and business deals. Our NY Contracts Lawyer often anticipates many potential issues that might arise in the future, and attempts to address those issues in the contract. Once our clients have explained the substance of their oral agreement, and their expectations, we thoroughly negotiate, review and/or draft the contract, with the aim of safeguarding our client’s rights, and avoiding potential disputes. The advantage of hiring a lawyer experienced and skilled in contract negotiation and drafting cannot be overemphasized.

Our Experienced and Thorough NYC Business Lawyer negotiates and drafts many diverse agreements which arise in commercial transactions and business relationships, including:

  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Stock Buy-outs (One Shareholder Purchasing another Shareholder’s Stock in a Corporation)
  • Contracts and Other Documents for the Purchase or Sale of Various Types of Businesses including Asset Sales and Stock Sales)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements/Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NCND)
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • License Agreements
  • Business Management Agreements
  • Contracts with Customers, Vendors and Other Suppliers
  • Contracts for Construction and Home Renovation Projects

Examples of some of the numerous agreements our NYC Business Lawyer has negotiated and drafted include:

  • Contract between a multinational corporation and a domestic package design company to redesign the corporation’s product packages
  • Contract involving computer consulting companies performing specialized services for the New York Stock Exchange
  • Settlement Agreement resolving contractual disputes between one of the world’s largest toy stores, and a creator and publisher of personalized children’s books
  • License Agreements between a large retail store and a concessionaire
  • Contract between an independent consultant and a New York State agency for the consultant to oversee and monitor other companies’ work on the overhaul of the medical reimbursement rates for out of network healthcare providers

Winning a Lawsuit Is Good, but Avoiding a Lawsuit Is Better

Litigation is an expensive and time consuming method of resolving disputes. It is also a huge distraction that interferes with managing your business. Many litigants also find the process frustrating and emotionally draining. That is precisely why we are convinced that the extra effort our NYC Business Lawyer spends in negotiating and drafting each contract is time well spent, since a well drafted contract may be your best way to avoid costly litigation later.

The time and effort invested at the initial stages of a business or commercial transaction to achieve a comprehensive agreement may be one of the most important steps toward a successful business venture. Regardless of what type of contract or business transaction you or your business are entering into, we strongly recommend that you enter into a carefully negotiated and drafted contract. Our vast experience as a NY Contracts Lawyer and NYC Business Lawyer supports our strong belief that a well drafted contract is the best way to protect your legal rights, and to minimize the possibility of legal disputes. In the course of representing you in the contract negotiation and drafting stage, our primary goals include protecting your interests, and avoiding the ambiguities that often lead to litigation.

New York Commercial Litigation Attorney

If you have been unable to resolve your business dispute, our experienced New York Commercial Litigation Attorney may be able to resolve your breach of contract or other commercial dispute, utilizing any of the following legal tools:

  • Negotiation between the respective parties’ New York Commercial Litigation lawyers may help the parties to amicably settle their dispute without the need for litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including mediation or arbitration often results in a quick and less costly alternative to litigation
  • Litigation of your commercial dispute

The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein can effectively represent you in resolving your business dispute, by any or all of the above methods of commercial dispute resolution. Click New York Commercial Litigation Lawyer to learn more about how our law firm represents businesses and individuals in New York business disputes, including mediation, arbitration and commercial litigation.

NYC Business Lawyer | Legal Fees

We recognize that legal services must be cost effective and provide value. Our NYC Business Lawyer, NY Contracts and Commercial Transactions Lawyer’s fees are fair and sensitive to the client’s personal and business requirements, as well as realistic in view of the magnitude of the particular transaction or controversy.

Our legal fees for drafting, negotiating or reviewing most contracts, and for most other commercial matters are usually based on the time we spend representing the client. Therefore our retainer agreements typically provide for hourly fees with an initial retainer deposit. Our initial retainer and subsequent retainer deposits are applied against the actual time we spend representing the client. Therefore, when the legal matter is concluded, any portion of the retainers that exceed the legal fees we have earned will be refunded to the client.

For some transactions, the client may choose either hourly fees or flat fees. For certain commercial matters, another option may be a reduced hourly fee plus a reduced contingency fee. An example of such a “blended fee” would be one half of our usual hourly fee, plus one half of our usual contingency fee. The client would advance the costs and disbursements.

Contact Our NY Business Lawyer

To discuss your New York Contract, Business Transaction, commercial dispute, or other commercial matter with our experienced NY Business Lawyer and NY Contracts Lawyer, we invite you to complete our Business Law Questionnaire, or click Contact Us. You may also call Michael W. Goldstein to discuss your NY Contract, NY Business Transaction, or NY commercial matter by telephone, or to schedule a consultation at our office.

NYC Business Lawyer Disclaimer

The information contained in this website is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor to create an attorney-client relationship or lawyer-client relationship. We recommend that you discuss your legal matter or case with a NY Contracts Lawyer or NYC Business Lawyer promptly.

Visiting our website, submitting any information via questionnaire or email, or discussing your case with our NYC Business Lawyer does not create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship with our law firm can only be established with the signing of a written retainer agreement prepared by our NY Contracts Lawyer and NYC Business Lawyer .

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This website is not intended to solicit clients for commercial law, contracts, or any other legal matter outside of New York State. However, our NYC Contracts and Business Lawyer does represent businesses located outside of New York State which are engaged in New York Contracts, NY Business Transactions, NY Commercial Law or other Commercial matters in New York State, or disputes that may be arbitrated or mediated in a New York State Alternative Dispute Resolution forum.

Our NYC Business Lawyer, NY Contracts Lawyer, website contains general information regarding New York Contracts, NY Business Transactions, and NY Commercial Law. The information in this website involving New York business law, contracts, commercial law and commercial transactions, joint venture agreements, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, and other commercial agreements, NY business law, NY contract law, NY commercial law, or other New York legal information contained in this website is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor to create an attorney-client relationship or lawyer-client relationship. We recommend that you discuss your New York Contract, NY Business Transaction, NY Commercial Law Dispute, or other NY business legal matter with a NY Business Lawyer or NY Contracts Lawyer promptly.

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