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The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein is extremely proud of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we get from our clients. We know that our hard work is reflected in the results we achieve. In addition, when we receive praise for our legal services, whether in communication from our clients, or by clients posting reviews on line, we are gratified that they also appreciate the way we have worked toward achieving their goals. All of the following are actual client reviews either posted on line by our clients, or sent to us by our clients.

First, I want to thank Michael Goldstein, Esq. for his excellent negotiating and contract drafting skills, and dedication to protecting my legal rights. The provisions he added to the contract protected me when unexpected legal issues arose with the seller’s title.
Joel Bruce

Michael W. Goldstein is an extremely effective lawyer. He explained everything to me, and got the result I needed in only a few weeks. In addition to resolving the issue on the terms I wanted, he went the extra mile to negotiate several additional provisions for my benefit, one of which saved me $9,800.00. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a New York lawyer to negotiate a settlement of a commercial or real estate dispute, or to negotiate or prepare a business or real estate contract. He will be the only lawyer I turn to for my business and real estate needs.
Cheriva Ahmed

Mr.Goldstein is a very sharp Lawyer. He was very knowledgeable and got positive results very fast. I highly recommend him.
Kirk S.

I retained Mr. Goldstein to help me with a tricky real estate settlement case. Another attorney actually told me that the case was too complicated to take on. However, meeting with Michael made me realize that it is truly worth it to shop around before selecting an attorney.
Michael is very honest and personable. He made me feel comfortable even though I was stuck in a very uncomfortable situation. He is prompt with communication, and I felt like he was a knowledgeable guide through the twists and turns of the case. He is also a fantastic writer. The outcome of the case was good and I have Michael to thank for that. I would highly recommend Michael if you are in need of representation. He is a great lawyer with heart.
Jonathan T.

I recently retained Michael Goldstein to represent me in my contract dispute with a major non profit organization. He was highly recommended for his expertise in employment contractual issues. In my conversations with him he made me feel totally comfortable we were proceeding correctly. Michael gave me a clear understanding of the issues of my case and together we developed a strategy for obtaining the proof we will need to prove our case. He took his time to explain everything to me and answered all of my questions. I feel comfortable with his understanding of my case and with his sincerity and genuine concern for my situation. When i speak to Michael I feel like I am consulting with a friend who happens to be a lawyer and an expert in Independent Contractor agreements. Speaking with him has actually been a pleasurable experience which was certainly unexpected. I am also impressed with his many years of legal experience as a New York Contracts lawyer.
Joe Mongelia

Mr. Goldstein worked on a Co-op transaction with my brother and I recently, and I can honestly say that it was the best experience with a lawyer we ever had. He was always on top any issues that came up during the process, very responsible and attentive to every needs. He made the transaction easy and smooth, I will always have him in mind for any legal needs for me and my family, and I highly recommend him to anyone that has any legal needs.
Maria Fetanat

My experience with Michael has spanned over a year. He comes highly recommended to me – and did an excellent job assisting me throughout the real estate / house buying process. He provided input which guided me in the right direction with his extensive experience in the field. Not only did he provide guidance, but he has immense knowledge of the industry, explains himself in a no nonsense kind of way, and articulates perfectly in writing when drafting up documentation and emails. He is very knowledgeable in his craft and I would highly recommend him to others.
Jyoti P

Commercial Real Estate Transaction | Successfully Completed Without Litigation

We signed a contract to purchase a commercial property over the summer but the seller tried to circumvent closing. Remarkably, 6 weeks of Mr. Goldstein’s involvement in a completely stalled real estate transaction managed to coax the outcome we had unsuccessfully chased for months prior to engaging him as litigation counsel.
. . . .
Mr. Goldstein helped us realize our goal of closing. He got the job done and he did so by paying shrewd attention to the details and stalwartly maintaining our position that there was no easy way out of completing the transaction. His letters and emails were assertive, decisive and compelling. On phone calls, he was always open, frank and conveyed a brass tacks approach to the case. He is a good negotiator and works hard to get the desired outcome.

As a result, we will continue to consult Mr. Goldstein on legal matters. He absolutely earned this 5 star review.
AP 1

I just wanted to post a review. Mr. Goldstein is an honest man. He was completely transparent in his services and helped me understand every process along the way. His legal advise and expertise gave me confidence, and piece of mind, meanwhile, he worked hard, and finally secured a win for us, in the case. Communication was amazing. When we were feeling uneasy and confused Mr. Goldstein walked us through the process, and assured us that he would stop at nothing for the win. Mr Goldstein made sure that the plaintiff and their false claims did not intimidate us. I consider Mr Goldstein not only my go to Lawyer in New York, but also a friend. He will not disappoint you!
Audrius C.

Hi Michael,

I benefit from the pleasure of working with Michael Goldstein, as I continue to overcome our challenging business endeavors. Michael’s keen listening coupled with his abilities and responsiveness have truly provided my firm with immediate coverage. It is not often you can call an attorney and they are able and willing to react quickly and effectively on your behalf in such a humanistic manner. Michael is truly a vital part of the “***** Group Family.”

Terri G


Thank you so much for all your help and kindness. I appreciate all you have done for me and my father. You are a very kind and caring person and a credit to your profession…I never met Gail. She sounds like a very sweet, kind person…She never rushed me on the phone and always took the time to listen to me. You’re lucky to have a person like her working with you. Thanks again.

Joe B.

Dear Michael,

Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work on my case!

You’re great!

Deborah R.

Thank you Michael for helping to back them down. GREAT job! All my best and thanks for being at my side. You are the BEST!


Dear Mr. Goldstein,

Thank you immensely for all of your hard work. I am very pleased with the resolution of my case. You did a great job!!

I will not hesitate to refer your services to someone else in need.

All the best.

Krystine K

Dear Michael,

Enclosed are endorsed checks. Would you please make the amount in three checks. I cannot handle that large of amount in one check.

Thank you again for your great work. You have a great attribute (that I have and love)–you will put forth whatever effort is necessary to achieve the maximum and make every task a success!!

Have a great life!


John H.

Dear Michael,

Karolyn and I would like to thank you for your excellent work and consultation.


Manny P.

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

Thank you very, very much for your diligent handling of our case.


Erlinda M.

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

Attached is a copy of the release and the stipulations…Thanks for all of the great results!

Very truly yours,

Bob H.

Dear Michael,

Many thanks. I really appreciate all of your hard work.


Karolyn P.

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

Thank you once again for your hard work on this impossible case. May God bless you and your family for the help you extend to people like us.


Igor, Erlinda and Aileen

Dear Michael,

Just a note to thank you for taking such good care of my friends after their unfortunate accident. I had no doubts that you would handle their case with the same courteous and professional manner you handled ours. Your successful track record in these matters is truly amazing.

Allen G.

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your work in resolving my auto accident case. I know that fighting a large insurance company is a huge task, which you accomplished perfectly. The settlement check was more than I originally anticipated.

Your professionalism, personal attention and meticulous attention to every detail are greatly appreciated.

As you know, I referred a couple of friends to your office and will continue to do so.

Thanks again.

David F

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your efforts on my behalf in the Jeep accident matter. The circumstances of this case were difficult to begin with, and were complicated by unrelated personal difficulties I’ve been experiencing. Yet your conduct throughout this affair remained professional, courteous, and meticulous, and together with some good fortune, resulted in a very satisfactory conclusion. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of them, or to call upon you myself once again, should the need arise in the future.


M. Christopher V.

Dear Mr. Goldstein:

Thank you very much for successfully representing me from the accident I had. You did a great job!!! And if I ever need legal representation, I will not hesitate to go to you again.


Gabriela B.

To Michael,

In appreciation on your handling my case and informing me well!

Dianna B.


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